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5 types of vehicle dents you should know about

Who likes dents and dings on car? Obviously, nobody likes it. There are so many incidents where our vehicles get damaged and these dents happen. Smallest dents can reduce the value of your vehicle. It becomes a hassle in reselling of vehicles with various dings and dents. This kind of damage can lead to corrosion and is not good for any sort of vehicle. It requires a perfect and certified auto body shop Greensboro NC for quick fix to reduce the risk of damage.

Damage can happen due to road accidents, poor parking job, bad hail storm or harsh driving.  Some dents can be managed with some techniques or paintless dent repair techniques. A reliable auto body shop Greensboro can offer best dent removal services using best techniques.  Here in this guide, we have mentioned different types of vehicle dents that you should know about, check out the details below:

  • Round dents:

When your car is hit by a round object like hail or ball, it can cause round dents to your car. Sometimes, they do not damage the vehicle paint. It can be fixed with paintless dent repair technique. The best auto body repair Greensboro NC Company can help manage it without any hassle.


  • Serious dents:

Sometimes, dents and dings are quite serious and paintless dent repair technique does not work over it. If you vehicles have crease or deep dents in multiple areas on your vehicle, it may require best and experienced technicians. Some more techniques can be used to fix such big damage; minimally invasive repair technique can also be beneficial.

  • Crease dents:

This is serious side of damage that can damage the vehicle metal. Large car dent repairing can be daunting, but advanced repair techniques can be helpful.

  • Car dings:

Some form of damages can be fixed easily as they are smaller dings or dents. These dings can be left on your vehicle while something blows or someone bumps into your vehicle. You can get these dings fixed in reasonable price.

  • Damage from debris:

You should avoid any kind of debris as it can pick up by car tires or flung into a vehicle and cause damage. If there is unpaved surface, you should try driving slow.

Sometimes you open your car or vehicle doors too wide and these doors hit something near it and get dents. This kind of damage also occurs if you try parking at wrong place.

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